CITY MAPPER : New challenge for tomorrow

CityMapper is a mobil application for urban travels and route calculations created in 2011 by Amat Yusuf, a former Google employee. It is active in many cities as Paris, New York, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Lyon.


Many people say times flies with our personnel and professional life. Covid19 situation had a big impact in our lives. Situation of fear, lockdown, curfew generates many psychological problems.


The emphasis is laid on the time. How to get away from all payment formalities during a journey or the 1th of month… no murder nope ;) sooooo with the Covid19 situation, we have to focus both on the time and health safety issues.


The customer have all their information on the app. They will neither need to login nor enter any data when paying/chechout. So the app will based on blockchain.. wait.. what is blockchain?

According to internet Blockchain “is a tamper resistant storage technology controlled by all its contributors. Each of them has a copy of the blockchain, keeps it up to date and checks it. It transparent, secure and operates without a central control body.” “The blockchain on which rely, for example, virtual currencies like bitcoin or ether, has multiple advantages: in addition to being transparent to all their users and fully secure, its cost is minimal because the exchanges are done directly, without intermediary.”

Intermediary will disappear like counter, formalities will become easier.

“The blockchain is not limited to virtual currencies because it also allows to register, transfer and authenticate all kinds of exchanges through so-called tokens, authentication tokens.” source

Super article on blockchain method


Each time the customers pass, their travel itineraries are recorded and payment are made once the customers arrive at their destination. They can choose payment per day, per month, or per year. They can also choose to pay by crypto ( DASH, ETHEREUM, BITCOIN)…The customer will pay the real consumption. It will meet the consumer’s need. Besides, with the COVID19 situation, this new app will prevent crowd people at the counter, and respect the health aspects.


On the app, you can select bike, scooter, walking for environmentally friendly mobility. The app will grant to the customer according to his choice a voucher, discount, or a crypto. Or you can give a donation for the environment…



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